You are already doing Weaknesses we receive from customers? (Weaknesses) What problems do we have, finance? system? The team? (weakness) What technologies should we bring or improve in order to drive our business? (Weaknesses – Obstacles) Who are our direct competitors? (obstacles) What happens if trading partners raise raw material prices (obstacles)? Hopefully SOAR Analysis will be another important tool for business analysis. that can be us appropriately for future progress The long-standing theory of psychology concerning.

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Motivation and the concept of the Hierarchy of Nes was first publish in . in a document call The Theory of Human Motivation, where we are often familiar with the name “Maslow’s hierarchy of nes” (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Nes) that all human Iran Mobile Database beings must fulfill their basic nes. at a higher level in the next step Abraham Maslow, a world-class psychologist who invent such ideas, believes that People have a desire or ne to fulfill perfection in life. (Self-actualiz) everyone, which is the highest point of life. It nes to be fill in different stages first.

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Maslow outlin the Hierarchy of Nes WS Phone List in five stages. Gray Arrow Maslow’s Hierarchy of Nes Stage Physical Requirements (physiological) It is the most basic ne for the survival and livelihood of every human being. If humans do not receive these responses For example, the ne for food, water, air to breathe, clothing, shelter, and even sexual nes for the survival of the human race. Step Nes for security (Safety) when human beings have receiv their basic nes The demand for more and more complexity. security in life, including planning for the future, for example, financial stability, work, economy, health safety, property that affects human behavior in various aspects of insurance.

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