DrupalCamp, a conference devot to Drupal, PHP and other technological topics, will be held there for two days. Her curriculum covers topics such as software development with the help of AI, writing efficient code in PHP and headless Drupal with Next.js. Let’s discover other points of this event. 12th ition of DrupalCamp Poland It all start in 2012 in Wrocław, where a group.

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Drupal developers and enthusiasts decid to organize the first DrupalCamp conference in Poland. Eleven years later, the event Russia Mobile Database gathers over a hundr people from different countries every year. Programmers, IT specialists and business owners come to Wrocław to meet and exchange experiences and listen to presentations on hot topics from the world of Drupal and technology.

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Our company proudly sponsors this conference from the very beginning. A group of participants and speakers of the DrupalCamp WS Phone List Poland conference, which took place in 2022 DrupalCamp Poland participants in 2022. The topics of the session of the 12th ition of DrupalCamp Poland oscillate around the areas of technology, Drupal development, best practices in working with PHP as well as business and project management.

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