However, if the website doesn’t connect with your target audience, doesn’t meet their needs or doesn function well, a cool design won. Read More How to Increase SEO Brand Awareness The primary purpose of a website is to convert qualified leads into loyal customers. When developing your website, you should optimize it to boost Google rankings, achieve greater brand recognition, attract more traffic and convert visitors into leads and engaged consumers. You can accomplish these goals using a powerful SEO brand awareness strategy. Your website’s… Read More How to Manage Customer Reviews When we think of online customer reviews, we often defer to positive reviews brimming with praise and satisfaction with our products or services.

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However, a review— whether positive or negative—provides valuable insights based on actual customer experience. The customer offers constructive practical feedback that potential customers can use to make informed decisions. With more than 51 million channels and two billion connected users, YouTube is one of the favorite platforms to watch Slovenia Business Email List and share videos and that is why it has become an important way to learn Digital Marketing . There are plenty of channels where you can learn, update your knowledge, and stay up to date with the latest. That is why in this article we share with you the best Digital Marketing YouTube channels .

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interesting youtube channels table of Contents The 20 best YouTube channels on marketing in Spanish 1. Martha Emerson 2. Laura Ribas 3.Romuald Fons 4. Easypromos TV: Marketing and Social Networks 5.InboundCycle | Inbound Marketing Agency 6. Your Website from Zero 7. Beautiful Benedict 8. Sergius  9. SEOSVE 10. Luis M. Villanueva 11. David Ibiza: WordPress and Online Marketing 12.David Cuesta   14. The Branding WS Phone List Machine 15. Juan Merodio 16. Maider Tomasena Copywriting 17. Judith Catala 18. Luis R. Silva 19. CyberClick Digital Marketing 20. Mugu | Digital Marketing Mentor Conclusion The 20 best YouTube channels on marketing in Spanish 1. Martha Emerson Marta Emerson is an online business consultant, founder of Escuela 6 Cifras Digital .

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