Software and platform developers continue to provide marketers with new ideas and innovative. Technology that changes the face of digital advertising. As a business owner or marketing manager, it’s important to be aware of different. Types of digital ads and how they leverage your brand. Read More Contemporary Approaches to Marketing. The focus of contemporary marketing extends beyond merely attracting new customers. Today’s marketing strategies also include instilling customer loyalty and a sense of brand devotion.Thereby creating a more sustainable business model. This new way of viewing product or service promotion drastically changes how a company operates when expanding its market reach to a target.

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Read More Newsjacking Newsjacking 2018 is quickly approaching. No time to lament those tweets that never caught air. Newjacking is one technique to try in the new year as your team looks for creative ways to juice things up. Why not add newsjacking to the growing list of 2018 resolutions? Work out more-check! Use those Groupons-check! Newsjack-oh Falkland Islands Business Email List yeah! You… Read More Interactive Content: A cool way to help #youdoyou woman smiling working on computer In a world of crowded content, it’s vital to stand out. Enter interactive content, a way to get playful and useful at the same time. Interactive content can serve many purposes which ultimately lend value to your reader. As a perk, you’ll gain some valuable insights into your audience at the same time.

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Read More Just be Lucid – The importance of knowing who you are, what you do and how and why you do it (Clarity) person pointing at designs A few posts ago, we wrote on the importance of having clarity around your brand identity. We talked about WS Phone List developing a mission statement for both your company as well as one or more foundation client services you offer. The primary purpose of a website is to convert qualified leads into loyal customers. When developing your website, you should optimize it to boost Google rankings, achieve greater brand recognition, attract more traffic and convert visitors into leads and engaged consumers.

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