During this webinar you will discover the potential of adobe indesign . The most us  professional layout program for both print and digital ; it is now well known that indesign is consider  a standard in designing page layouts and organizing  itorial content. In this webinar you met our teacher leonardo battaglini. Trainer in graphic design and photography (but also consultant on branding and corporate image activities for companies and professionals). He explain  to us how to professionally layout a flyer and he did it in a few minutes. With adobe indesign : we saw how to insert and adapt an image. Introduce titles and texts and layout them in a harmonious way. Choose the colors appropriately with the color selector tool . Use character styles and paragraph styles (but also copy the formatting of a paragraph with the ey ropper tool ). Insert logos and resize them while maintaining proportions.

Packaging projects for commercial products


 But not only that: we have understood email List that there are many ‘shortcuts’ and tricks that save time and optimize workflows . 6. Create an infographic with adobe illustrator for your corporate communication this infographic will be creat  live in just 15 minutes with adobe illustrator: create infographics with adobe illustrator not only graphic designers and creatives but also communication and style office workers make use of adobe illustrator to create illustrat  compositions of various types : we are talking about product or company logos. Icons. Typographical effects. Packaging projects for commercial products. Print  maps or digital and also infographics .

Rather than a textual one


 Margherita zavatti. Espero trainer for photo  iting. Infographics. Digital illustration. Layout courses and WS Phone List certifi  professional on adobe illustrator (and more!). Will show us live the tricks and shortcuts to make the most of the potential of this adobe software for processing of illustrations and vector graphics. We have been able to see that thanks to an infographic we can communicate a message in a more imm iate way . As we use a graphic and visual form. Rather than a textual one (this technique was in fact born from the intersection of graphics with journalism).

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