Or one-to-many, or mass marketing, or one-size fits all, didn’t work as well as it should have. Or it can be said that it is quite outdat. The personaliz marketing concept is truly focus on the nes of the customer group. By understanding the information of customer groups, including age, t more intimate different with product packaging Nowadays, there are many brands of products in the shelves to choose from. we can see where our products are. What kind of products are we? And to what extent does it affect the purchase decision of customers? create effective advertisements.

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It allows us to know what kind of information we should use to create awareness that influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. Understanding what customers want is a top priority for today’s marketers. Fulfill expectations Brazil Mobile Database from customers allow our brand to stay in the minds of customers. And, of course, in the end, they will become loyal customers. and telling others to use our brand. I have gather information from consumer research to see what exactly customers really want from a brand. purpose-driven brand That aim is to drive with the aim of creating value for customers.

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Society, environment, as well as supporting beliefs in various fields. and the promises made to customers such as the use of natural ingrients that do not affect the environment Donations for the poor Focusing on transparency in doing business And whenever a brand fails to meet the goals or promises it made in the first place. Customers have the WS Phone List opportunity to immiately reject those brands. Expressing value in customers Although brands focus on the nes of customers or consumers. in delivering goods or services that try to create value in the minds of consumers But customers also want to show the value.

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