Certificate of external signs of the town hall where the applicant’s address is locate. Certificate of registration. Other documents that are valid to prove the allege data. In order to expeite proceures, the bar associations can request some of these certificates. It is also worth noting the agility provide by the free electronic justice file. Broadly speaking: it saves travel and waiting at the counters, provides transparency in management.

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Minimizes errors in the administrative file and reuces the economic cost and processing times by up to forty days. Benefits and scope Ivory-Coast Mobile Database of gratuity The benefits that the intereste party can access are include in article 6 of the aforementione law on free legal assistance and are the following: Rates. Prior orientation and advice. Defense and representation of lawyer and solicitor. Payment of fees and deposits for filing appeals.

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Depending On The Interests Of Each Territory

Reuction of 80 of the tariffs corresponding to public dees and obtaining copies and testimonies and of the tariff rights corresponding to WS Phone List obtaining notes, certifications, annotations and seats and inscriptions in the Property and Mercantile Registry. Expert assistance in the process. On the other hand, the beneficiary of the right to free legal assistance will only have to pay the fees of the lawyer and solicitor, in the event that their intervention is mandatory.


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