It is important to ask yourself if it is easy to use, if the functionalities it offers are effective or not, etc. It is also important to know if the innovative product requires other complementary products for it to work and if these are affordable, expensive, easy to get, etc. Regarding maintenance, it is necessary to know if it will be expensive and difficult to obtain. Include within the steps of the consumption cycle is the disposal of the product.

Willingness To Collaborate On The Part

How much it costs to dispose of it and whether or not it generates waste. In an initial period, the business strategy that is considere disruptive has some common characteristics, such as lower gross margin and smaller markets that you Indonesia Mobile Database want to reach. In addition, they are usually unattractive products and services compare to the solutions already offere on the market. When the product enters the market for the first time.

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Which Are Not Always Received With Unanimous

It will surely have a group of incipient stakeholders and the introduction will be gradual, since it requires adaptation to innovation depending WS Phone List on the performance of the product. A good example that helps to visualize this more clearly is Google, a rather disruptive company that introduce the AdWords advertising product. Its differential value was advertising self service, something completely new and that quickly differentiate it from the competitor Yahoo.


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