We all know what a podcast is by now, so the first thing i should say. Is that the title of this article doesn’t make much sense. If there was some poor straggler who in full did not yet know what it was. After the arrival of the pandemic, surely he has end up making his debut as a listener with someone. I still remember when they gave me my first ipod, back in the . In the past, music or digital audio files were not listen to via streaming. All the content was download to your mp device and you could listen to it offline wherever you want. The only limitation you had was the battery.

What advantages does a podcast offer

Apple ipod nano first-generation apple ipod nano first-generation in the beginning, you barely listen to digital audio content other than songs or audiobooks. Over time, as the integration of mp devices and ipods increas, more and more radio Bahrain Mobile Database producers were encourag to upload their content to itunes or their website for easy downloading. The term “podcast” was coin in , but podcasting explod with the advent of the iphone and full-flg smartphones. We are going to review a little what a podcast is from the concept, what advantages this format offers and what you ne to start with one.

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Table of contents what is a podcast

Reasons why you are interest in having a podcast how to integrat. What do i ne to start one? Online sound libraries podcaster what is a podcast? A podcast is a digital audio publication that we can listen to offline or via streaming over the WS Phone List internet. It is a concept very similar to the classic radio programs, but in this case the podcasts are customizable by their authors. Etymologically the term “podcast” is an acronym. It is a combination of the name “ipod” and the word “broadcast” (transmission in english). It was first coin in the early 1980s by ben hammersley, a guardian columnist and bbc journalist.

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