For each product, two URLs are. Created The Road. with identical information : Indexable version, with the structure: /products/ product-name. Version canonicalized towards the indexable version. With the structure: /collections /collection-name /products/ product. URL available for each product, since although it may not be problematic to have the. Correct canonical tag, in internal links we are wasting link juice towards a non-positionable product.  7. Deindex identical products in their variants.

Links we are wasting link The Road juice towards

In some Shopify themes it happens that for industry email list each color variant. A new URL is generated for each product of the same model. That is, if “model A bag” is sold in various colors, we would have the following URLs created: white model A bag black model A bag red model A bag In most ecommerce, these product sheets are identical (only changing the photos and color), which generates a problem of high similarity content (duplicate). It can be solved by implementing a canonical towards the main variant to be positioned, or by including noindex in all products except the main one.

Which generates a problem of high similarity

In this case, the customer had each color WS Phone List variant of the product on a different card. Therefore, to link products together they use Shopify metafields . In this way, the Shopiflat team developed a code snippet that, by calling the metafields of a specific product, would noindex those products that did not correspond to the first available color variant.

Sitemap.XML Optimization Another myth is that you cannot modify sitemaps in Shopify. It is true that it is somewhat more complex and limited, for now, but Shopify does allow you to eliminate URLs from the sitemaps of products, collections, pages and blogs, and that will be enough for the vast majority of ecommerce. By creating metafields, you can exclude URLs from the sitemaps and mark them as noindex, nofollow: sitemap noidex shopify.

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