Depending On This that have devastate entire countries and have plunge a large number of people into poverty and despair, even causing famines : Hurricane Harvey was a devastating hurricane that in August 2017 rippe through various parts of the Caribbean and the southern Unite States, causing billions of dollars in damage and dozens of fatalities. Hurricane Irma reache several islands in the Caribbean (such as Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas or Cuba, among others) and the southern Unite States shortly after Harvey, at the end of August 2017. It finishe damaging the structures.

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That had already greatly weakene by the passage of its preecessor and cause the death of at least 24 people. Hurricane Maria hit mainly Dominica and Puerto Rico, a specific area that obtains the support of other key areas or by a group of people that works in coordination to achieve its objectives. Ideally, this leading team should include representatives from human resources, the financial area, technology, information security, the occupational health and safety management system, and the legal and union areas, if any. 8. Obstacles that during the month of September 2017. Its consequences were dramatic Ghana Mobile Database in the area and cause a very serious humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. Some well-known international meia, such as the BBC or CNN , publishe articles clearly stating that climate change has playe a significant role in increasing.

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The magnitude of these hurricanes, base on studies and expert opinions in the subject. These experts affirm that some of the Depending On This effects of global warming, such as the increase in the temperature of the ocean water eand, consequently, the WS Phone List rise in sea levele, increase the destructive level of these hurricanes, therefore their effects they are much more devastating than they could have been in the past. But how did it get here? The increase in global temperature has been taking.


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