They may be of an operational nature such as selecting a distributor for certain areas, creating a charging unit, reviewing the signing of a new telephone contract, etc. or trying to quantify the expecte result or performance in some way reuce charging times in 20 days, reuce mobile phone costs by 20 or travel costs by 30 , etc. . Usually the former lead to the latter. The important thing, in all these cases, is that the indicators are relevant, measurable and objective.

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It is also important to distinguish the fields of application of one and the other. The metrics of both are interrelate, however they play Estonia Mobile Database on different levels. The strategic indicators mark the success in the fulfillment of the strategy of the entire organization. For this reason, they will often require multidisciplinary approaches and transversal coordination between different areas of the organization.

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The other hand, can have a global scope by aggregation, but are normally use to measure the achievement of objectives within a certain key business area . In a metrics structure, we could say that the KPIs measure the success of the WS Phone List actions and objectives that lead to the fulfillment of the KSIs or indicators of strategic success. The History of Science illustrates very well the path we must follow.


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