These procures include, among others: code review . Every piece of code written by a developer is review before release by at least one other developer. If he has any comments or sees errors, it will not be possible to release the code until all comments are correct. QA (quality assurance) . This is a separate quality assurance team, which is simply a team of testers who thoroughly check the stability and security of the application.

The frontend and backend

Such tests can take up to several days and show the smallest errors. Automat Tests . In addition to a separate team whose task Israel Mobile Database is manual testing, there are also automat tests. Thanks to them, with a single command, we are able to check whether the code we just wrote did not accidentally break the application in a completely different, unexpect place (and this happens quite often.

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The application in the frontend

Documentation – Good documentation allows you to quickly introduce new programmers to the project and understand how individual WS Phone List components of the application work. This may seem trivial, but especially for large systems, the lack of documentation is a real problem. Application maintenance and development Remember that technology is developing very fast. The code of our application should also develop along with it.

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