The money we initially spent on creating new software will be lost, and we will have to reinvest quite a bit. Let us also remember that we are considering a scenario in which the application is already running and customers are using it. Even if we start building a new application at the same time, we will still have to incur the costs of “patching” errors in the old system on an ongoing basis.

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In addition, creating a new solution will involve data transfer, changing their structure, etc. During this process, the running Jordan Mobile Database application will have to be turn off for at least a few hours, which will certainly not please customers. Fixing an existing application The second possible scenario is to fix, piece by piece, the existing code. This solution also has its drawbacks.

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First, as in the previous scenario, you will still have to. Correct existing errors on an ongoing basis. Which will obviously increase WS Phone List costs. In addition, such an operation must be plann with surgical precision. You should spend a lot of time analyzing and figuring out each step. A lot of time should also be spent on writing automatic tests. So that when fixing one functionality. We can be sure that we will not accidentally break something in a completely different place.

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