Given the months of delay that many files reach, it must be taken into account that this ruling may lead to the payment of large sums by FOGASA . This guarantee. Afor its part, derives from article 43 of Law 30 1992, of November 26, on RJAP and PAC. In this sense, it indicates that, in the face of proceures initiate at the request of the. A intereste party, silence will be considere positive. The exceptions would consist of the application.

Claim Them Through the Courts

The opposite direction, of a norm with the rank of law or community law, for compelling reasons of general interest. Thus, an important conclusion obtaine from. A this application of positive silence is that any request that FOGASA Nepal Mobile Database takes more than three months to answer must be understood as approve, even beyond strict compliance with the requirements.

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It is Important to Know and Respect

As far as the employee is concerne, they do not have to wait for the request to be denie, but it is enough that the aforementione three month WS Phone List period has expire to do so. In this regard, the proceure is base on a claim for labor amount against FOGASA before the social courts. In short, it is convenient to be. A clear about the relationship between positive silence and FOGASA rulings, in order to know what to expect.


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