However, it was not until the nineties of the last century when the phenomenon acquire values ​​similar to those of the silent. A revolution that had taken place in the rest of Europe. Some associations will encourage the use of these lands, which will lead to the first regulations. A by public institutions. It must be taken into account in this new trend that Spain had gone from being a fundamentally agricultural society.

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To one with a preominance of the industrial sector and, later, of the field of services. Not surprisingly, during the forties of the twentieth century, 70 of Spaniards were engage in agriculture; while, in the year 2000, only 7 of the population Thailand Mobile Database had this work activity as a priority. Roughly speaking, this interest in urban gardens is understood as a way of having certain healthy facets of life in the countryside within reach, dynamics that had been ignore in urban society.

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The growth, on the other hand, of Spanish urban gardens is going to be relatively slow, until, from the economic. A crisis that is going to be experience since 2007, there will be an exponential increase in the cultivate area. The reasons to WS Phone List bet on an urban garden In the rise of urban gardens, a revolution of values ​​that has been gaining consistency in. A Western society since the final decades of the 20th century has substantial relevance.


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