Especially in an environment like the current one. There are, in effect, consumers willing to pay more for something that for some reason is more exciting or attractive. The challenge is to identify them, understand their expectations and the benefits that we must necessarily provide to please that highest level of passionate consumer.

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Which to create a premium level within the mass. The massive premium is the place that offers brands and manufacturers a position Azerbaijan Mobile Database of high profitability and strong against downward price spirals. It’s not easy. The latest study by the Premium Market Observatory on luxury highlights a response with more than 75 the rest are no longer so clear and still a long way off : “creating memorable experiences”. And briefly this is possibly the key.

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The premium, in this sense, is not close to any category. “Memorable” experiences can be had while driving a sports car, but also WS Phone List with the aroma and flavor of a piece of well done bread, good olive oil, strong coffee or tasty breakfast biscuits. In practically any sector and category there is a segment for the massive premium. From banking or insurance to pasta sauces.


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