That brings great benefits to companies. Who better than an employee to recommend the company you work for The company must be able to fee the ego and pride. A of its employees, make it an honor for employees to work for it. A and make it feel like theirs. Thus, not only will they become more motivate workers, but they will also be brand advocates.

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Defenders of the organization to which they belong and the best advisors for the products they manufacture and services Spain Mobile Database they offer. And what do social networks have to do with this strategy Today, almost everyone has an open profile on a social network, with more or less contacts. This is. A tool that brands take advantage of daily to. A advertise, get recommendations or get more followers to share their posts.

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If other brands take advantage of the personal profiles of company employees, why shouldn’t the corporation itself This is where the strategies to be develope by endomarketing begin . Corporate social networks Companies will achieve WS Phone List nothing through the social profiles. A of their employees, if they do not have a well develope strategy in their own social networks. These profiles must be update, share quality information with followers and increase the reach.


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