The automation of the process eliminates repetitive tasks (such as pasting content into various tools) or inconsistencies in the descriptions of tourist packages. Retail sales Retailers operating brick-and-mortar stores compete for customers by offering increasingly innovative experiences. Brands are using personalization ( real-time marketing campaigns that encourage in-store visits) and new technological solutions ( self-service checkouts or virtual fitting rooms) to engage shoppers.

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In order to ensure the best customer journey, companies must collect and manage product information that is relevant to Poland Mobile Database buyers ( product description, technical specifications, video or product images, quantity and availability). To do this productively, they ne a comprehensive PIM platform with its functionalities. Multi-channel retail Presenting high-quality, customer-centric offerings is one of the most essential elements of retail.

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Businesses can use Pimcore to synchronize product information and post it across multiple channels simultaneously ( social mia, mobile WS Phone List apps, in-store kiosks) for a consistent experience. In this way, they can direct messages to recipients and inspire them to buy at points of sale. The Pimcore system focuses on the omnichannel strategy , ensuring automatic updates, easy offer management in online and offline materials and personalization of messages. The software also connects two worlds – digital and physical.

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