And of the priests and mamaconas, who also had many at the temple; and because there is such great snow, they do not climb to the top nor do they know where the great treasures are. […] (p. 131). This complex is made up of eight squares from which you have a view of the natural surroundings, on one side the coropuna and on the other the town of san antonio and pampacolca. At the entrance along a rugg path we found a large platform (plain) where ceremonies were practic, and in the middle an ushnu, a rais platform like an altar where liquid offerings – chicha or sacrificial blood – were made so that they could be filter by the stones into the interior of the earth, or that was also us as a shrine for solar worship from where high officials conduct political-religious ceremonies.

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 On the right side are the kallankas (buildings with gabl roofs that serv as storage places or for minor ceremonies), as indicat by Mariusz S. Ziólkowski (2008): Among the buildings, five large ones stand out (more than 20 m on a side), of which the largest is 56 m. by 10 wide provid with four doors: the structures in question have been interpret business email list as kallankas. The stonework of these buildings indicates that imperial craftsmen took part in their construction (p. 145) . In the back we find colcas that serv as warehouses for the population that was distribut in the hurin (below), and very close to there a truncat pyramid where rituals to the apu were perform.

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In 2009, in an interview with a local newspaper, Sobczyk maintain that the origin of Maucallacta prates the presence of the Incas in Peru. However, he explain that the WS Phone List carving on the entrance doors of some of his buildings allows us to know that the empire, in its expansionist desire, arriv and assum leadership both in the construction of new buildings as well as in the devotion to the apus.One day, I was in a very busy shopping center and I saw how people came and went, in addition to carrying quantities of bags, gadgets, among other products.

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